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NART 2015

August 31 - September 2

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NART 2015 in Liberec

Less than 1 hour from Prague...

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Prague is one of the crown jewels of central Europe offering high standards in entertainment, architecture, cuisine and sports. Its venues full of small shops and restaurants are beautifully lit during the evenings creating almost magical feeling. Only one hour drive from Liberec, the famous cathedrals, theatres and places rich with history will be awaiting you. We will be offering a visit to this beautiful city during the conference for you to experience the magic on your own.


About Liberec

Liberec is a city located on the north of Czech Republic. It is surrounded by Jizera Mountains and Ještěd Ridge with a splendid view from the top of the Ještěd tower (1012 m - 3 320 ft.). The fame of Liberec began with the introduction of textile industry in the 16th century and its legacy is being carried by Technical University of Liberec and textile companies in the region.


A small settlement, first referred to in 1352, grew into a small town during the 15th century and the first half of the 16th century. This was confirmed in writing by the Emperor Rudolf II in 1577. Late 16th century brought the development of the cloth industry and consequently also industrial architecture, which helped Liberec gain the legal status of an independent town. As the industry boomed so did Liberec which gradually became the bridge between Czech, German and Jewish cultures seen on the city architecture today.


Varied architecture

The position of Liberec makes it a very interesting place to live. Many visitors are attracted by the local architecture, from the transmitter on Ještěd to the dozens of impressive villas from the mid-19th century, First Republic era and the present day. You will also find here the so-called Valdštejn Houses from the end of the 17th century, the Neo-Renaissance town hall on Dr. E. Beneše Square and other monuments bearing the imprint of Czech, German and Jewish cultures. This architectural variety gives the town a unique form, which the Technical University of Liberec tries to co-create.

Sport activities

The terrain of the surrounding countryside is suitable for both summer and winter sports and activities. In the winter you can mostly enjoy cross-country ski tracks or the downhill slopes of Ještěd, while in summer you can run or cycle along the forest trails. The city frequently stages sporting events of the highest level; the biggest so far was the World Nordic Ski Championship in 2009. Even passive sportsmen and women are catered for: Liberec has top-flight teams in football, ice hockey and volleyball. The local zoo is also worth a look. Just a few minutes from the center by tram you can take in the fauna, including the famous white tigers.


What to do

F.X. SALDA THEATRE – The theatre built in the middle of 19th century bears architecture from famous theatres in Vienna. The repertoire ranges from dramas, to operas and musical concerts.

Botanic garden – The Botanical Garden in Liberec is the oldest in the Czech Republic, being built in the 1876 and is one of the most famous with its collection of rare cacti and prehistoric plants.

ZOO – Liberec Zoo was founded in 1919 and features great collection of birds of prey, beautiful white tigers and much more.

Ještěd – Best view in the area. Ještěd Mountain is 1012 m high, with the hotel and radio tower built on its peak. It is easily reachable from the center of the city by bus and cable car.

In the CENTRUM BABYLON, you can find the unique Aquapark with the unparalleled Laser Show, the Wellness Centre styled as antique bath. You can also visit iQpark and Lunapark including Indoor adventure golf, the newly reconstructed Laser game, Bowling with professional Brunswick lanes, Golf simulator, XD Theater and Laser shot.

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